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6.9 Sales Literature

Introduction, timeline, and photos of the new 6.9.

This powerful engine blends advanced technology with the precision of unhurried hand craftsmanship.

This system represents a new generation in suspension design, replacing as it does the coil springs and shock absorbers found on conventional cars.

Over three decades, intensive Mercedes-Benz safety engineering programs have resulted in the more than 100 different safety elements incorporated into the 6.9.

Body and chassis, interior dimensions, engine, transmission, suspension, tires and brakes, standard features, and optional features.

Paint brochure for the 6.9, dated October, 1976.

Introduction and technical data in Italian. Photos of exterior, engine, tach/clock, and light/cruise controls.

Brock Yates on 6.9

Mercedes-Benz solicits Brock Yates for a no-holds-barred evaluation.


Chapter 5 of Mercedes-Benz V8 by F. Wilson McComb.

A New Flagship
Chapter 5 describes the 450SEL 6.9, by James Taylor.

Model 450SEL 6.9 (1975-1980)
Mercedes-Benz Production Models Book by W. Robert Nitske.

450SEL 6.9, 1975-1980
Illustrated Mercedes-Benz Production Buyer's Guide by Frank Barrett.

Magazine Articles

Mercedes-Benz Unleashes The Potent 6.9!
David E. Davis reviews the Fastest European Sedan.

1979 450SEL 6.9 - The muscle car from Stuttgart
Dennis Adler photographs and reports on this feature car for MBCA's The Star.

Best Saloons Ever
A poll by Classic & Sports Car rates the best saloons ever.